I take writers from inspiration to publication.

As an author and co-founder of an independent publishing company, I bring a unique perspective to the writers I work with (or, more correctly, the writers with whom I work *wink*). Together, we form a team and I am both a companion and sage. Throughout my professional career spanning more than three decades, I’ve studied and honed both the art and science of storytelling. I’m in my element when I can help writers appreciate the difference as they marry words that are not simply read, but experienced.

Storytelling has immense power—power that can easily crumble under the weight of ignored conventions, cardboard-box characters or a poorly crafted narrative. So, when writers come to me for developmental, editorial, publishing or consultative assistance, my goal is to ensure the story is foundationally sound by applying the principles of storytelling first. From there, we’ll navigate the rest of the journey—from line editing to book cover design and everything in between—to get your story to the finish line.

So, are you publication ready? I can help.